Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Just Need

I  just need a Friend that..

friend that i can count on [ü]
friend that i can share secret [ü],
friend that i  can cried on his shoulder [ü],
friend that can be with me when i had problem and
my happiness [ü],
friend that had a time for me [ü],
friend that accept me for really i'm [ü],
friend that weren't shame be with me [ü],

a friend that will do all this thing with me too

i just need a person that can be....

be my friend [ü],
be my best friend [ü],
be my close friend [ü],
be my protector [ü],
 be my boyfriend [ü]

and insyallah one day that FRIEND will be 
My Husband and My Soulmate..

one day..whose that person..? 
insyallah,one day it will come..

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