Monday, May 13, 2013

Selamat Hari IBU a.k.a MAMA

my mom is my mama , my best friend, my beloved 
and the important that the only mother i had in this world..
without her im nothing..
im love my mama :)

this present to my beloved and the only MAMA :)

last month, i had semester break for 1 month before im go to VTO . 
wow, its the 1st time in my life to get a long holiday.. yeay.. :)
before this only 2-3 weeks only.
but im not go for rest but im working :)
yes im working as a partime staff at KFC Bukit Minyak near my house
eventhough, i left KFC for 3 years old but the amazing thing are i still remember the step how
to great customer, punch the menu ,serve and take order.
but i got the best memory at there..
thanx u guys :D

present for my besday & reward for myself

so with the salary i got i decide with my lovely sis to buy present for our mother.
unfortunely, my mama already know what we had planned for her.
so i just gave the money to my sis and she bought her a present.
 i bought  present to both of my parents for letting me work and sent/take me back
from work. im so touched with them.
im really love them.

this present to my beloved dad

p/s: besday dah lepas tapi hadiah untuk diri sendiri baru beli..heheh 
xoxo :D

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