Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hye K-Pop Lovers..

i hope this entry not too late 4 me to write yea.... :)
all u now that, on 29th june 2011 there will be a drama "Heartstrings"...
even the title not so bad but the most important is my favourite kpop 
actor were act on that drama...
Yong-hwa & Park Shin-hye

OMG..i cant belive it..
well, my friend told be before...
"Finally, impian kamu termakbul nak tengok  
Yong-hwa & Park Shin-hye"
sebagai pelakon utama..
Yippie... Yahooo..

walaupon Go Minam & Shin Woo tak dapat bersama dalam 
You're Beautiful tetapi mereka bersama dalam "Heartstrings"
i Like that...
sama2 kita nantikannya... [xsabar dah nie..]

Check this out yea:

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