Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long Day

today is saturday...thats means time to rest but i cant rest...
im so stress.

i nee to do FYP report and the date to submit is 10thDec2010.. not a long time...
arhhhhhhhh.... i need to focus on that then i can finish it early...

day by day, its doesnt have much time for last student (semester5) 4 us , we need to settle our portfolio + our FYP report + exam + etc before we can OJT next year....
im tired already because since last we need to present our project i didnt get enough sleep n rest..
its makes me more & more tired..

but i get vitamin 4 energy, hope it can give me energy that i need,,

when talk about OJT, its make me kinda sad because it will makes me miss my dear..
im do my OJT at my hometown that is penang wHile mY deaR do his OJT at shah alam..
he too far from me.. its the 1st time we will far away from each other for 6month...

before this he juz back to him hometown at jeRteh every semester break...that place also far from penang but i know that he safe at his home & be wif his family..
im ok wif

i dont know but i hope i can trought out this situation..

OMG, why i be like this...?? felt like childish... i need to control my feeling wif this situation..
if not i will more sad n pathetic..

p/s:u can do it...u are a big gurlz now ok.. u can handle this prob...

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